Oral Conscious Sedation Dentist

Dental anxiety is not unusual, for it is quite natural for a person to be uncomfortable when placed in a position in which they feel that they are vulnerable, as occurs in the dental chair. In most cases, simply discussing the planned procedure is all that is necessary to alleviate the patients fears. When this is not enough, other highly effective and safe sedation techniques can be used to alleviate the anxiety.

Dr. Bruno is licensed in the use of oral conscious sedation for those patients that feel they may need a little more than just a pep talk. The patient is given a sedative drug to be taken by mouth prior to the planned treatment. If the individual has an even greater degree of dental anxiety, he may prescribe an oral sedative to be taken at home one hour prior to going to sleep on the evening before the appointment. Patients receiving this type of sedation are not permitted to drive a vehicle for 24 hours following their appointment. Commonly administered oral conscious sedatives include: Valium, Halcion, Dalmane, and Versed.

Oral conscious sedation dentistry is most effective in the management of milder degrees of dental anxiety and for the use in patients that have a considerable amount of treatment to lessen the amount of chair time.

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