Oral Surgery

Dentist ExamAt Bruno Dental Care we perform three types of extractions:

Simple Extractions – is one in which the dentist can remove the tooth simply by loosening the gums around it, grasping the crown above the gum line and moving it from side to side until it loosens from the bone.

Complex (surgical) Extractions – Unfortunately, most extactions can not be done by simple grasping and rocking it out. In that case, it becomes necessary to surgically remove the tooth. This involves seperating the roots using instrumentation and drilling making way for the need of a surgical flap that will require sutures.

Impacted Extractions– This occurs when a tooth is not fully erupted into the oral cavity and remains below the gum line. Impacted teeth can present special health problems and are generally removed much like the surgical extraction above but with added need of additional soft tissue manipulation.